Solo Exhibitions

AmArtHouse, Bantam, CT 2022.

The Byrde + there b, Washington, CT 2022.

The Byrde + the b, Washington, CT 2021.

The Studio Around the Corner, Brewster, NY 2020.
The Byrde + the b, Washington Depot, CT 2019.
The Gunnery Museum Gallery, Washington, CT 2019.
The Byrde + the b, Washington Depot CT, 2018.
Oscar Bond, Madrid, Spain, 2018.
The Smithy, New Preston, CT July 2017.
The Byrde + the b, Washington, CT May 2017.
Paul Alexandre Gallery, Paris, France 2016.
Spectre, “New Work”, Miami, FL 2015.
Donna Karan International, New York, NY October 2014.
The Gertrude White Gallery, Greenwich, CT May 2014.
The Galleries at 153 East 53rd Street,”Recent Paintings”, New York, NY 2012.
Midtown Art Galleries, New York, NY 2012.
Phoenix Gallery, New York, NY 2011.
R.T. Facts Gallery, Litchfield, CT 2011.
Phoenix Gallery, New York, NY 2010.
Studio B Gallery, “Untitled II”, Nashville, TN 2009.
Studio B Gallery, “Untitled”, Nashville, TN 2008.
Francine Taylor, “Fall Selections”, Litchfield, CT 2008.
Francine Taylor, “Summer Prelude”, Litchfield, CT 2008.
Francine Taylor, “Spring Fling”, Litchfield, CT 2008.
R.T. Facts Gallery, Kent, CT 2008.
Haight-Brown Vineyard Gallery, “Summer Musings”, Litchfield, CT 2007.
Cell Art Gallery, Barcelona, SPAIN 2007.
Harrison Gallery, “Calm”, Los Angeles, CA 2005.
Hoffman Gallery, “Sense”, New York, NY 2003.
Landon Gallery, “Celestial Happiness”, New York, NY 2002.
Vivo Gallery, “Exposed”, Washington, D.C. 2002.
Durst Organization, “Who’s Afraid of Celestial Blue?”, New York, NY 2000.
Catherine Street Gallery, “Interiors/Exteriors”, New York, NY 2000.
Landon Gallery, “Shape Shifter”, New York, NY 2000.
Knickerbocker Gallery, “Red Hot Devil”, New York, NY 1999.
Hoffman Gallery, “The End of History”, New York, NY 1998.
Spazio Lambros Milona, “Ice”, Milan, ITALY 1997.
Galleria Seno, “I Would Die For You”, Milan, ITALY 1997.
MB Gallery, “Plunging Into Fire”, Los Angeles, CA 1997.
Spazio Lambros Milona, “Sensorium”, Milan, ITALY 1996.
Landon Gallery, “What Now?”, New York, NY 1996.
HereSpace, “Gulliver’s Travels II”, New York, NY 1996.
Half Moon Bay, “Fantastic Voyage”, Montego Bay, JAMAICA 1996.
Coleman Gallery, “Fire”, Albuquerque, New Mexico 1996.
Hoffman Gallery, “Absolutely Fabulous II”, New York, NY 1996.
Struts Gallery, “Quartering the Queen”, New Brunswick, CANADA 1996.
Moravian College, “Absolutely Fabulous”, Bethlehem, PA 1996.
Veem Gallery, “Amoebic Viral Projections II”, Philadelphia, PA 1996.
Dimmers Gallery, “Points of Departure II”, Brussels, BELGIUM 1995.
Landon Gallery, “Spitting Color”, New York, NY 1995.
Blue Mountain Gallery, “Blue Incubation”, New York, NY 1995.
ManesStreet, “Bell, Book & Candle”, New York, NY 1994.
Bendix Gallery, “One Step Too Close”, New York, NY 1994.
Landon Gallery, “Amoebic Viral Projections”, New York, NY 1994.
Parsons School of Design, “Points of Departure”, New York, NY 1993.


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