Selected public/private collections and publications

Selected Public Collections :

Proctor & Gamble, New York, New York
Forbes, New York, New York
Standard & Poor’s, San Francisco, California
Abernathey MacGregor Advertising, New York, New York
Deutsch Advertising Agency, New York, New York
Hong Kong International Bank, HONG KONG
Savannah College of Art & Design Museum, Savannah, Georgia
Bayly Art Museum, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia
Seagram’s, New York, New York
JP Morgan Chase, New York, New York
Philip Morris Company, New York, New York
Time-Warner, Inc., New York, New York
Arthur Anderson and Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Security Pacific National Bank, Los Angeles, California
Davis Wright & Tremaine, New York, New York
Jet-Lag, Inc., USA, New York, New York
University of Miami, Miami, Florida
Prudential Insurance Company, New York, New York
Cahill, Gordon & Reindel, New York, New York
ManesStreet, Architectural Interiors, New York, New York
Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler, New York, New York
Walden International, HONG KONG
Space, London, ENGLAND
Tate Modern Library, London, England
MOMA, New York, NY
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Illinois
Instagram, New York, New York

Selected Private Collections :

Kelsey Grammer, Beverly Hills, California
Sheldon Brown, Los Angeles, CA
Paul Murphy, Newtown, CT
Ira Berger, Tel Aviv, ISRAEL
Lambros Milona, Milan, ITALY
Monica Moretti, Milan, ITALY
Blake Byrne, Los Angeles, California
Kenny Scharf, Miami Beach, Florida
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rubell, New York, New York
Jason Rubell, New York, New York
Ross Bleckner, New York, New York
David Geffen, Beverly Hills, California
Julie Brown, Los Angeles, California
Mr. Barry Fifeld, Rome, ITALY
Suska, Sydney, Australia
Danni Minogue, London, ENGLAND
Mr. and Mrs. Edelbrock-Crumpton, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Mr. Montgomery Frazier, New York, New York
Tara Solomon, Miami Beach, Florida
Mr. Clifford Finn, London, ENGLAND
Bruce Helander, Palm Beach, Florida
Ms. Kate Quinn, Washington, D.C.
Ms. Dovie Mamakumian, Paris, FRANCE
Anna Sui, New York, New York
Sandy Gallin, Malibu, California
Saul Brandman, Beverly Hills, California
Janette Buckler, Fort Worth, Texas
Mr. Martin Burke, Los Angeles, California
Ms. Helen Georges, Paris, FRANCE
Mr. Dietrich Becker, London, ENGLAND
Claudia and Jerry Luebbers, Chicago, Illinois
Mr. and Mrs. Tobias, Denver, Colorado
Mr. Udo Walz, West Berlin, GERMANY
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Diller, Palm Beach, Florida
Chantal Fabres, London, ENGLAND
Maria Stamatopolou, Athens, GREECE
Mr. and Mrs. Luis Martins, Barcelona, SPAIN
Mr. Blake Byrne, Los Angeles, California
Randolph Duke, New York, New York
Kaz Iwashita, Tokyo, JAPAN
Adam Sanderson, Pacific Palisades, California
Marian Levy, Ontario, CANADA
Mr. and Mrs. John Roberts, Bal Harbour, Florida

Publications :

Tatler Magazine, 2022.

Vanity Fair Magazine, 2022.

World of Interiors, 2022.

Condé Nast Traveller, 2022.

County Times, 2021.

Litchfield Magazine, 2020.

Happenings in the Hills, 2020.

The Art Journal, Feb 2019.
Happenings In the Hills, Oct 2018.
Litchfield County Times, May 2017.
The Artist’s Mind, June 2016.
Niume, 2016.
The London Times, Sep. 2015.
The Men International Magazine, 2014.
Adorno Magazine, 2014.
Greenwich Times, 2013.
Architectural Digest, 2013.
LA Times, 2013.
ELLE DECOR, Oct. 2012.
ARTnews, May 2012.
Metro Magazine, 2012.
Village Voice, 2011.
Litchfield County Times, 2010.
Litchfield County Times, 2009.
Nashville Times, 2008.
Metro Magazine, Summer 2007.
New York Times, Oct. 2006.
Next Magazine, Fall 2005.
In New York, Summer 2003.
HX Magazine, Spring 2003.
Next Magazine, Spring 2003.
Art Forum Magazine, December 2002.
Art in America, 1999.
Harpers and Queen Magazine, “Steven Miller: American Talent”, Jan. 1997, Paris Edition.
MetroSource Magazine, Cover Story “The Color Purple”, Spring 1996.
Miami Herald Tribune, Jul. 8, 1995
Next Magazine, “Gulliver’s Travels—A Profile on Steven Miller”, May 12, 1995.
Hippocrates Magazine, “Steve Miller: Interaction of Viruses & Art”, Oct. 1994.
Frontiers Magazine, “Profile: Steven Miller”, Fall 1994.
ARTnews, Summer 1994.
HX Magazine, “HX Musts”, Jun. 18, 1994.
Next Magazine, “Next Best”, May 30, 1994, Vol. I, Issue 45.
The Washington Post, “Highlights From Kips Bay”, Arts & Leisure, May 5, 1994.
The New School Bulletin, Fall 1991.
Drew University Press, Spring 1990.

Books :

Featured artist for The Artist’s Mind, 2018.
Featured artist for The Right Fixes Now, 2006.
Featured artist for Beyond the Scope, 2005.
Featured artist for Psychology and Sexuality Now, 2003.
Featured artist for Yukeo Mishima’s Words Now, 2000.
Featured artist The Japanese Museum’s Annual Contemporary Poetry Edition, 2000.
Featured artist The Japanese Museum’s Annual Contemporary Poetry Edition, 1999.

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