Artist’s Statement

Although I received my training based on the principals of the 19th century French Academy, including the study of Old Masters, landscapes, figure painting and the direct observation of nature and can do representational work, I have felt more compelled towards abstracting images in news media including print, the internet, computers, electronic photography and pop culture.

I have done hundreds of studies of the nude, innumerable landscapes and multitudes of drawings based on nature. At the same time I have also taken hundreds of photographs, which led to my involvement with photos taken with the electron microscope.

I began with producing series of drawings based on electron photographs. From these initial studies I painted my first large format oils on wooden doors, exploring and expanding upon the studies that I had done involving photo-electronic images.

I have been continuing these works in oils on canvas in combination with images inspired by nature. I work in a series of paintings, usually working on from two to three at a time. These works still hold a strong fascination for me and continue to provide me with boundless inspiration. The work I produce is all about color, form and simplicity.  Life quite simply as a force of nature.

Steven Miller lives and maintains studios both in Marrakech, Morocco and in Connecticut, USA.

Please visit “Artfully inspired products” page for most up to date paintings available and other products by Steven W Miller or click on link below

You can also see my work at The Saatchi Gallery at

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Instagram account @stevenmillerart2022

40_n (6)

Steven Miller oil on canvas 2018 48×48″

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